Product Designer and Researcher specialise in bridging the gap between the digital and physical world and translating speculation into actionable innovation.

With a double master’s degree in MA/MSc Global Innovation Design, I have worked with 10+ academic institutions and industrial partners across United Kingdom, United States, China and Japan on developing innovative product to build engaging and playful experience.

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Jan 2024

ongoing projects

featured projects

Level Up Career with AI Coaching

AI-Powered Platform for Streamlined Career Development and Stress-Free Productivity

UX Design Award 2023 nominated ︎︎︎
• Huawei UX Innovation Pioneer Award

• 15th User eXperience Design Award National Third Prize

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Personality on Wheel

Transformative Autonomous Ride-Hailing with Zoomorphic Virtual Drivers for Affective Human-AV Interaction

• 1 Research Paper in delivering
• 1 User-generated Speculative Storybook ︎︎︎
• China-UK Technology Summit 2022
• Royal College of Art Graduation Show 2023 ︎︎︎

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Underground Augmented Sightseeing

Augmented Reality Platform Enhancing Underground Travel, Connecting Tourists to the Overground World

China UK Technology Summite 2022
• London Design Festival 2022 ︎︎︎
• “Beyond Smart“ Competition by OPPO - Finalist

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Unlock Sensory Pleasure Stored in Your Fingertips

Revolutionary Gamepad Design for Immersive Gaming with Tactile and Emotional Engagement

• 1 UK design pattern registered
• Royal College of Art 2022 WIP Show ︎︎︎
• Imperial College London 2022 Spring Show ︎︎︎

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