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Douglas Yueming Lai

A Product Designer and Researcher specialise in bridging the gap between the digital and physical world and translating speculation into actionable innovation. With a double master’s degree in MA/MSc Global Innovation Design, I have worked with 10+ academic institutions and industrial partners across United Kingdom, United States, China and Japan on developing innovative product to build engaging and playful experience.

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July 2023

🔴 UX Design Case Studies ︎︎︎


Level Up Career Journey with AI Coaching
AI-powered career development platform empower effortless job hunting
- on going

Personality on Wheels
Build trust between rider and autonomous vehicle with Zoomorphic Drivers

Augmented Underground Sightseeing
Reconnect passengers’ sense to the city with digital overground landscape


What if your vehicle has an animal soul?
Written based on people’s speculation on animal vehicles alive in the city

Unlock the Pleasure Stored in Fingertips
Gamepad design for tactile experience enhancement

Relocation for Recreation
Pop-up piazza built by overdue scaffodling for pedestrian-centric urban future2021

Product with Personality
Zoomorphic Egg Boilder with multi-sensory interaction

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